I have decided to start a new site GoingBeyondAuto.com that teaches the basics of photography.  As you can see from this site, I don’t share a lot about my pictures…I just post them and move on.  This may be the only post that has this many words in it, so don’t worry. On my new site however, I write way too much.  So if you want to read my rambling photo-jargon, go check it out.

As you can tell by the pictures here, I’m not a pro and I don’t claim to be.  I don’t really take pictures of people either.  My daughter is the cute exception to that rule, but I don’t post them.  However, I feel that I have learned quite a bit about photography over the years and would love to share some of that knowledge with anyone interested in reading it.  There are plenty of sites that do this, however a lot of them are very technical and can easily scare people away.  My goal is to not do that.  I get scared away by all of that, and I want to make it easy.  I do my best to explain things without going into all the formulas and highly technical explanations.  I want people to use their cameras and get the most out of them.  In my opinion, that means switching out of the Automatic mode, hence the name Going Beyond Auto.

I want to make creative photography fun and easy and that is what I try to do on that site.  Now, I just started this a couple months ago and told nobody about it except my wife.  Until today, I’m pretty sure that I am the only one to have visited the site or read the content.  I wanted to at least have a few articles out there before I told people about it.  However, with nobody knowing about it, I also haven’t forced myself to post more.  So today I decided to post it on Facebook…what was I thinking?  I don’t care if you like it or even look at it.  I’m doing it for fun and the hope that maybe I help somebody else learn a little about photography.

This is officially the longest written post on this site, so I’m done.  Here are the links:


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